27 Apr 2010

"Patterns ain't so bad at all, though it's better no to follow them unthinking"

Peter Hruschka, one of the leading experts of Atlantic System Guild, gave a lecture in the business center of SUM. His company is honed in software development processes optimization, which services and skills are used by such legendary persons as Tom DeMarco and Tim Lister. The seminar was held by RMA together with Software People, CareerLab professional advancing center and Squalab testing laboratory. One of the seminar's point was announced as "Process enhancement program: gaining top performance while keeping relish on job".

"All those employed by software companies are divided into two nominal groups: Ones hating to follow patterns, and the rest who're unable — and unwilling — to perform their tasks in a way other then patterns rule" — noted Mr. Hruschka. - "Experience suggests us that the former are more potent of all others.

With that told, I'm far from urging you to abandon any patterns. Sometimes they can be quite useful, especially when help us to avoid the whell reinvention and to do over a job thousands of predecessors had already done. I'm just claiming the pattens should not be followed with your eyes blind-shut. Falling that, your System Development Life Circle doesn't turn into System Development Lemming Circle in one case of ten. You know who are the lemmings, don't you? Given to the herding instinct so far forth, those gnawers alltogether jump into the void as soon as any one of them gives a lead on".

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