31 Jan 2013

«Russian musical scene: the view out of Europe»

In December of 2012, the «Music Business and Entertainment Industry Management» department of RMA business school in association with Gregory Goldenzweig have organized a joint round table event titled «Russian musical scene - the view out of Europe: challenges and potential» the participants of which have included musicians, observers and representatives of Russian and Finnish record labels.

The participants of the round table event, in a casual atmosphere have discussed the current trends and the potential of the contemporary Russian music culture, identified the key challenges that are facing the young artists and independent record labels, as well as have compared the experience of practical development of the musical scene in Russia and the West.

The participants of the event:

Gregory Goldenzweig – concert and club promoter (Russia-Sweden), art-director of IKRA club and of annual festival «Picnic of «Afisha»

Alexander Gorbachev – chief editor of Afisha magazine

Kyrill Moshkov – musical journalist, chief editor of the «» magazine

Alexey Nikolaev – independent consultant, digital music markets and international stalls specialist

Maati Rehor – executive director of the Finnish Jazz Federation

Mari Hatakka – marketing manager of the Helsinki city music festival "Flow"

Joose Berglund – executive director of Stupido Records, one of the oldest and largest independent record labels in Finland, founded in 1989

Jouni Tamminen – general director of Exogenic, independent record label, publishing company

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