14 Jun 2016

«If you were given a chance, use it»

Andrey Schvetsov (Kit Sunders) has graduated the RMA’s «Music Business and Entertainment Industry Management» in 2011, and one year before that he had completely turned his life around, where now his music can be heard in some of the largest music venues in the world.

«Having chosen your goal you should carefully pick the right path of achieving it. My goal was to become a world class artist - an electronic musician.  There are plenty of such artists already, how to stand out, where should I bring my work of art to, how to make your way to the top and continue developing and advancing? What are labels, publishing, what do producers and managers look for and where to acquire the necessary contacts and acquaintances? To get to the bottom of this industry I have decided to join RMA’s «Music Business and Entertainment Industry Management» program, where I’ve met many interesting people and had found my way of developing my project.

The most notable breakthrough occurred in 2015, when a project Valentine Khaynus & Kit Sunders was conceived, and our first collaboration titled Insignia became a hit, and we got signed up with a large label Mixmash Records. We have received support from the international artists, such as Laidback Luke, David Guetta, Hardwell, Afrojack, Swanky Tunes and others. Our tracks began playing in radio shows, large festivals and by top deejays all around the world.

For example, our tracks were played at such festivals as Ultra Miami, EDC Las Vegas, Tomorrowland, Hardwell Carnival. After such boom we have created more than 10 new tracks in fewer than 6 months, some of which are now gradually being released to the public. On January 22nd there was European premier of Valentine Khaynus & Kit Sunders track titled - Prince Igor on a radio show called Hardwell.

My decision to join RMA was based on my desire to understand the inner workings of this industry. And I have gotten what I wanted, moreover I came to appreciate the family like atmosphere - where everyone is easily getting along, and people genuinely want to help out each other. For example, one time I have decided to open up a bar, so I called RMA and was given a contact of the person who was already running a successful establishment, and after having met him for the first time, we remain friend up to this day, and he frankly admitted that the only reason why he agreed to meet with me was because he has been contacted by RMA. The same kind of story went on with Midem, when I was asked to bring Timaty to the arts conference in Cannes to represent Russia - I have agreed to do it, even though at the time I did not have any necessary contacts, but I knew that when I call RMA they will definitely help.

And of course, as part of the education you get the kind of extensive knowledge that gives you a solid understanding of how things actually work, from ticketing agencies to event industry and production».

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