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24 Apr 2012

«Never constrain yourself with an artificial limitations»

At the Luxury Hits exhibition, the educational company RMA and its "Restaurant and Club Industry Management" department were one of the organizers of the business program. Among the visitors was the renowned London based chef cook, food designer and head of the catering company called Blue Food Productions Tom Wolfe, who gave an open session master class.

Tom was talking about how he became a food designer, the beginning of his carrier, the various interesting projects, and shared his secrets on how to be able to combine work, study and travel at the same time: «In 1996, I moved to London, where I spent a lot of time hanging out in various circles. I well remember one such party at Mariah Carey, which effectively served as my launching pad and a starting point. What had amazed me there, was the quality of the food that was served. These were absolutely horrible sausages in dough, which were served on the equally horrible looking metal trays. And if you only knew how much the catering company had asked for that service! I was literally stunned, and largely under that impression I've started out what has now grown into my full time occupation - that is organizing the parties, and preparing and servicing the delicious food. Largely my efforts were successful, and relatively quickly I became well known in the celebrity circles. That was the time when I founded my own company - Blue Food Productions, and shortly thereafter I was offered the position of chef cook for Jennifer Lopez».

At the present moment Tom Wolf is one of the very few chefs that works in the area of food-installations and food-fashion. He shared his thoughts on this industry : «I think it is rather exciting to see a model that just stepped down the runway, using parts of her attire to service the guests. Her collar becomes a platter for the canapés, her hat is used to serve the fruits, her tie is made out fish and her skirt out of goose eggs - which is actually being one of my special prides. In this genre we are closely collaborating with Dom Perignon, and Christian Dior: and, mind you, these are very demanding and scrupulous partners, who have very high standards in style, and a non-standard, sometimes even slightly ironic view of the world. I'm confident of their satisfaction in our mutual collaborations, and hope that we will never let them down, bringing them one day something as beautiful and extraordinary as Lady Gaga's meat dress...»

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