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08 Jul 2014

«The trends in Russian cuisine as the national brand»

An open lecture at the «Restaurant and Club Industry Management» RMA department was given by the renowned restaurateur and the founder of «Restaurant Syndicate» holding - Kirill Gusev, titled «The trends in Russian cuisine as the national brand»

Speaking on the subject matter, Mr.. Gusev particularly noted: «The future is in the democratic dining establishments, that are based on a quality product. We particularly experience an acute shortage of national dining outlets. We do have such restaurants as «Pushkin» and «Oblomov», there is also «Elki-Palki» and «Drova», however the middle segment remains virtually untouched.

And consider this: wherever you go, you most likely are interested in trying something local. Most people would likely consider the local traditional cuisine as the starting point. However, our national cuisine is to put it bluntly rather crippled… And constantly I implore other restaurateurs out there to switch over to the Russian traditional cuisine. Because there is a clear imbalance in the fact that we have 3000 Italian restaurants and only 30 Russian ones».

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