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16 Dec 2010

A lecture on business etiquette, given by Irina Yermakova

A lecture on business etiquette, given by Irina Yermakova for students attending the course of Restaurant and Club Industry Management.

Irina Yermakova
, the expert of the Association of Image Consultants International (АICI) on the matters of business etiquette, color and style, gave a lecture titled "Business Lunch: How to Avoid Most Common Mistakes at the Table" for the attendees of the course of Restaurant and Club Management Industry.

"The restaurant you are inviting your partner to shall comply with a number of criteria. First of all, it must certainly be a high-class house; since you demonstrate therewith your attitude to your partner, show him or her how much you are interested in him or her," emphasized Irina Yermakova. "The second criterion should be the good food based on high-quality and fresh products. Number three criterion is the visitors and the entire atmosphere of the house. It is obvious that a serious, even conservative restaurant is more suitable for business talks than a youth cafe."

"However, the most significant rule of a successful business lunch", Irina Yermakova says, "consists in the fact that you should never come to such a lunch being really hungry. The main course of any business lunch is business talks, not the lunch itself."

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