30 Jun 2010

A meeting with the Head of Medical Office of Sochi-2014

Aleksey Pleskov, Head of the Health Care Office of the "Sochy 2014", met the attendants majoring in Health and Beauty Industry Management and had given them details on how the Office was proceeding with Olympics preparation.

Generally, the Health Care Office functions come to health hazards prevention and skilled health care administration, as was noted by Mr. Pleskov.

The Office's representatives will be placed in every sport facility and athlete village. All the medical centers in "Sochi-2014" will boast state-of-the-art eqipment, the most advanced techonogies and - the last though not the least – the long-years-based experience. Considering that, the Health Care Office is be ought to establish overall infrastructure basing on every especial feature and condition XXII Olympics injoins: a number of ER-teams, dozens of infirmaries and full-scale medical centers including pharmacies, labs and convalescent centers in the closest adjacent to every rink available.

According to Mr. Pleskov, the Health Care System of "Sochi-2014" will employ approximately 1500 persons with key roles played by Office's managers. They will assume their duties in 1.5 years prior to the Olympics start to create a team sharing the same aims and priorities. The experience our western collegues have shown not one and not twice that every single matter depends on personnel. Hardly one will be amazed with the most advanced medical machinery today. In the last winter Whistler had a trailer allowed doctors to perform any operations nothwithstanding how complicated they were. Indeed, it had been seen like a pure sci-fi just a while ago. Today's most critical problem is the skilled staff lack.

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