18 Jun 2010

"Look for a new team members whenever and wherever you are"

Igor Stoyanov, the head of "Persona", lectured attendants majoring in Health and Beauty Industry Management. The lecture was dedicated to recruitment issues a new-founded fashion parlour may face to.

"Look for a new team members whenever and wherever you are", - he adviced them. - "Place the ad in you own window, blog your demand for a new personnel, e.g. hair stylists, place it in your web-site. Leave all the formalities behind and try to let your would-be employees what are you expecting from them. Simultaneusly, try to guess and to forestall the expectations they may have in turn.

Stumbled on the ad text? Look at my web-site: "The "Persona" is in search for a new-generation creative people. If you are attractive, skilled and versatile, join us. If you are lazy earthling, don't even get boring on that! What about other staff godmines available? Try professional web-sites and message boards. Don't be so lazy to miss technical schools and hair-craftmanship tournaments. On my experience I predict the first year will screen 80% of your team, while the rest will form a backbone of your dreamteam".

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