International sports experience

  • Since 2006 the Business school  RMA has organized 17 international internships with a purpose to study the world management experience in the field of sports.

  • We visited 9 countries in Europe (UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Ukraine, France), 2 North American countries (Canada, USA) and 2 countries in South America (Argentina, Brazil).

  • We met with top managers of the world's key clubs: Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Manchester city, Bayern, Juventus, Milan, PSV, Benfica, and many others.

  • In Moscow we organized 26 professional meetings and conferences with the participation of top managers of the best clubs in the world.

  • We learned the infrastructure of more than 70 stadiums.

The map of international internships

On this map you will be able to see all the clubs, stadiums, leagues, and other sports facilities we visited in 10 years, as well as photos and videos, read interviews with top managers, coaches and other employees of the clubs and reports on visits to training facilities, stadiums and matches.

Master classes from top managers of football clubs, organized in Moscow by the Business school RMA

Our Business school regularly organizes lectures and master classes from top managers of leading clubs for students of the «Sport industry management» faculty.

 Мастер-класс вице-президента NBA в России Дэвида УоттсаFormer vice-chairman of the board of directors of “Arsenal” and the Football Association of England, one of the main founders of the English Premier League (EPL) David Deinreal-madrid-hd-logo.pngЛекция официального представителя La Liga в России Даниэля СерехидоЛекция директора департамента маркетинга Серии A Итальянской футбольной Лиги Фабио Санторо


 Tottenham-Hotspur-icon.png  Мастер-класс вице-президента футбольного клуба «Монако» Вадима Васильева    

      Report on the master class of the Director of international relations of the football club Villarreal — Juan Anton de Salas